Taking Courses

To start, choose your first course on your Dashboard under the heading "Registered Courses". Each course has corresponding lessons. You will need to take each lesson in chronological order to finish the course. 

Always click the "Mark Complete" button after completion of each lesson to save your progress. You can find the button at the very end of of every lesson page.

Taking Quizzes

There is only one final quiz for each certification program. Most standalone courses do not have final quizzes. Quizzes can be retaken right away.

When you are done with the quiz, click the "Click here to continue" button. You can find it at the end of every lesson page.

Printing Certificates

After you pass a final quiz, you will be directed to a page where you can print your certificate. If you do not print your certificate after the completion of the quiz, you can access your certificate on the ‘Dashboard’ page by clicking on the "Expand All" link, on the top right of your Dashboard page, and navigating down to the course. You should see a certificate icon. Click on it and it will open a new tab where you can print / save your certificate.

You can also request a high quality, framed print, of your certificate.

Accessing Cannabis Jobs Board

Once you complete a program, you can post your resume and build a profile on cannabisjobsboard.com. Approval can take 24-48 hours after submission. If you've registered as a Professional student, you can request a complimentary job prep interview and resume consultation. Graduates have unlimited access to cannabisjobsboard.com. If your account has expired, please, contact us to reset it.

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